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What is so special about RehaDesign Wheelchair Accessories?

* RehaDesign Wheelchair Accessories are unique. What do we mean by that? Most of our wheelchair accessories were designed by us.  But once we have designed a wheelchair accessory, we do not stop there. We are constantly improving and refining our wheelchair accessories to meet the needs of our customers and our dealers. And most of the improvements come from the requests and assistance of our customers, wheelchair users.

* RehaDesign Wheelchair Accessories are designed in Europe but shipped worldwide by registered international post.  The cost of shipping is included in the purchase price.  The price you see for the product is the final price you will pay.

* We love to hear from our customers. If you have a comment or suggest to make, write to us (Info@RehaDesign.Com). We are always glad to hear from our customers. If you have any problems, ideas, or questions, send us an email. You will get a personal response, generally in a few hours, but rarely in longer than a day.

* We are always interested in finding new dealers. Ask your mobility equipment dealer if they carry RehaDesign Wheelchair Accessories. If not, ask them to contact us.

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