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RehaDesign Wheelchair Accessories is a brand of Med Services Europe, a registered European company since 2009. Med Services Europe is owned and operated by Dr. Gene Emmer.

Gene has a doctorate degree in Physiology from SUNY Buffalo and a MBA from MIT Sloan Business School. After a career in the international pharmaceutical industry, in 2004 Gene began working in the mobility industry. In 2009 he founded Med Services Europe with the intent of offering unique, cool or fun wheelchair accessories to active manual wheelchair users. Most RehaDesign Wheelchair Accessories are designed by Dr. Emmer with the help of manual wheelchair users around the world who test the products and suggest improvements.

Feel free to write to us. We enjoy hearing from our friends and customers.  You will get a response directly from Gene himself, usually within a few hours, but rarely longer than one day.

If you own a business selling quality mobility products and are interested in distributing RehaDesign Wheelchair Accessories you are welcome to contact us.